Contact Lenses and Make-up

Contact lenses and make-up were both designed to make you look your best. Most of the time, they work in harmony, but here are a few simple rules to remember:

  • Any spray products, including perfume, deodorant and hairspray, should be applied before inserting contact lenses. Apply hand lotions after your contacts are in.
  • Insert your contact lenses before any make-up goes on. Wash and dry your hands before you touch your contact lenses.
  • If your eyes are sensitive, try switching to hypoallergenic make-up.
  • If you wear eyeliner, go for a soft pencil — they don't flake as much as hard pencil eyeliners.
  • Avoid putting make-up directly on the eyelid margins (the flat part between the lashes and the eyeball). That area contains oil glands which can get clogged, causing styes and dry eyes.
  • Avoid putting products with glitter around the eyes. Glitter can sometimes flake into your eyes, causing severe scratching — especially if it gets under the contact lens!
  • Make-up can occasionally stick to contact lenses, causing blurring, itching and drying. Gently rubbing the contact lens is the best way to remove make-up particles.
  • Take your contacts out before removing your make-up. Remember to wash and dry your hands first.
  • To keep your lenses fresh and moist, don't forget to recondition your lenses every night with OPTI-FREE® PureMoist® contact lens solution. You'll never believe the difference a solution can make!
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