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To keep you up-to-speed on the most important eye care and contact lens information, we've asked optometrist Dr. Nick White to share his answers to the questions he hears most from his patients.

NOTE: This contact lens information is not intended to replace your eye care professional's advice. Always speak with your eye care professional about your eye health.

  1. What purpose does my contact lens solution perform?

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    Basically your contact lens solution needs to properly clean [tear film debris, pollutants, etc] and disinfect the lenses [kill germs] and help make the lens surface wet to improve comfort on your eye.

    As contact lens materials change to become more breathable, the better contact lens solutions have also changed. Newer silicone hydrogel lenses transmit oxygen to the eye much better than older materials, but unfortunately don't wet as well. The better contact lens solutions help overcome this challenge.


  2. What difference exists from one contact lens solution to another?

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    Not all contact lens solutions are the same or have the same components.

    While all multi-purpose contact lens solutions need to offer a certain minimum level of disinfection for your lenses, the active ingredients of the solution should not absorb into the lens during cleaning and later release during wearing to potentially irritate your eye.

    Additionally, big variations exist in terms of how well the solutions wet the lens surface consistently and uniformly throughout your day. Newer contact lens materials have a lens surface that tends to get dry during the day and this can lead to discomfort.

    Your contact lens solution can help to solve this problem by adding in a ‘wetting agent’ that holds the moisture from your tears to the surface of the lens. Some multi-purpose solutions do not have a wetting agent while others have an agent that stops working during the day. Only OPTI-FREE® PureMoist® Solution has the proprietary HydraGlyde® Moisture Matrix that is scientifically proven to give you comfort that lasts from morning 'til night.


  3. How comfortable should my contact lenses feel?

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    Most contact lens wearers should have a comfortable contact lens experience. Many factors influence how comfortable your contact lenses will feel such as the contact lens material, the contact lens solution and how you use it, the contact lens replacement frequency, the environment plus others. That said, do not assume that your comfort cannot be improved.

    I encourage patients and practitioners to discuss contact lens comfort in terms of a scale from 1 to 10. Talk to your eye care practitioner if the comfort falls short of your expectations and see if any change can make a difference.


  4. Why do my eyes go red when I wear my contact lenses?

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    Determining the cause of a red eye is like solving a mystery. Many clues need to be gathered to determine if the cause relates to infection, chemical sensitivity, allergies, general health conditions, overwear or other factors. One of the biggest clues is obtained when your eye care practitioner examines your eyes. The microscopic evidence often leads to an explanation of the cause of the red eye and more importantly to an appropriate course of action. Remember a red eye can be something quite simple or very serious. Any time you experience redness, discharge, blurring or pain remove your contact lenses and call your eye care practitioner.


  5. Can I buy contact lenses & contact lens care products on the Internet?

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    While the Internet may be convenient for obtaining product, your eye health deserves the care and attention of your optometrist. Their primary focus will always be on your eye’s health and the safe wear of contact lenses.

    If you do choose to “shop around,” ensure all expenses [shipping costs, membership fees] are included in order to compare accurately. Perceptions don’t always match realities.


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About Dr. White

Dr. Nick White is a licensed optometrist and a partner in a multi-doctor practice in Surrey, BC. He has served on advisory panels for various eye care companies, participates in clinical trials for contact lens and pharmaceutical companies, and provides consulting on a variety of eye care topics.

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