Teens & Contacts

How do you know if your teen is ready to make the switch from glasses to contact lenses? There are certainly many advantages of contacts for teens, helping them to keep up with their active lifestyles while improving their confidence and self-image. However, to maintain good eye health and avoid harmful infections, it's important that your teen take proper care of his or her contact lenses.

Everyone develops differently, of course, so there's no "right" age for every teen to start wearing contacts. Physically, our eyes are tolerant of contacts practically from birth, but contact lens care requires a certain level of maturity and responsibility that takes time to learn. Your teen might be ready now, or they may need a few more years to mature. To help you decide whether your teen is ready for the responsibility, ask yourself the following questions:

Does your teenager:

  • Take out the garbage without being asked?
  • Clean up their bedroom?
  • Help with other household chores?
  • Follow through with school projects?
  • Take initiative without being reminded?

If you answered yes to all or most of the questions above, your teen is likely ready for the responsibility of contact lens care.

Advancements in lens care have made it easier than ever for teens to care for their lenses. Although lens cleaning was once a multi-step process, most types of contacts now only require a single bottle of multi-purpose solution for complete contact lens care. OPTI-FREE® PureMoist® solution can be used without rubbing and works overnight to clean, recondition, disinfect and remove protein deposits while in the case.

Whatever the advancements, wearing and caring for contact lenses will always be a serious responsibility for your teens. Keep in mind, though, that the addition of contact lenses doesn't have to be permanent. If your teen finds contact lenses uncomfortable, or if they're not up for the responsibility of wearing them, they can always return to wearing glasses full-time, and try contacts again when they're older.

If you think your teens are ready for contacts, see your eye care professional for a more in-depth discussion.


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