Why Contacts?

Continuing advancements in lens wear have made it possible for more and more people to make the switch from glasses to contact lenses. Although contacts aren't right for everyone, the many advantages of contacts definitely make them an option worth considering.

Key Advantages of Contacts

Less distortion. When you wear glasses, there is space between the lenses and your eyes. This distance can distort the size of objects, making them look larger or smaller than they actually are. Contact lenses sit directly on your eyes and cause less distortion.

Better peripheral vision. Glasses only improve eyesight in the field of vision directly in front of you. When you look to the side, or above or below your glasses, your vision generally isn't as sharp. Contacts ensure that your entire field of vision is in focus.

Fewer distractions. Glasses smudge when you touch them, fog up with temperature changes, and get blurry when wet. Outside elements generally don't affect contacts — or your vision.

Less cumbersome. Glasses can put uncomfortable weight on your nose and ears, and often slip down the bridge of your nose. In normal daily wear, glasses may become dislodged or knocked off your face, which can easily lead to them being scratched or broken. Contacts sit securely on your eyes, and generally don't shift or move around.

More revealing. Glasses can act as a barrier between your eyes and the world. Hidden by glare, distorted by lenses, your eyes are obscured from view. Contacts allow others to see your eyes naturally, without altering their appearance. For many, this can increase confidence and self-assurance.

Accessorize your eyes. Your eyes reveal a lot about you, and they’re often what others notice first. Not only do coloured lenses give you the ability to change your look, they make a statement. From subtle to vibrant, they’re a great way to bring out the best in you.

As you can see, there are many advantages of contacts, particularly if you lead an active lifestyle, or are dissatisfied with glasses. However, when considering lenses, remember that contacts are medical devices, and should be viewed as a serious responsibility.

When taken care of properly, contact lenses can give you freedom from glasses and offer a variety of benefits. However, poor lens care habits can put you at risk for serious eye problems, some of which can affect your vision and eye health. For more information about contact lenses and their proper care, talk to your eye care professional.

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